Is it secure to disable OOM awesome in an internet server/reverse proxy?

I have actually Linux equipment committed to offering fixed materials and also PHP web pages with Apache. Apache additionally function as a reverse proxy in a subdomain. I relocated the PostgreSQL data source to an additional Linux equipment.

Is it secure to disable the OOM awesome in the kernel?

2019-05-07 02:58:45
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Probably not.

If the OOM awesome is running after that it is most likely that the OOM awesome requires to be gone to stay clear of the equipment straightforward grinding to a stop as absolutely nothing, also the kernel, can allocate new memory if required. The OOM awesome exists due to the fact that it is usually far better to have some solutions tip over as a result of the awesome than the entire equipment to diminish the face of the 'net.

If you see the OOM awesome at work with any kind of uniformity after that you need to either reconfigure the solutions on the equipment to make use of much less RAM, or you might require to add even more RAM to the equipment.

2019-05-09 00:35:04