How do I download photos from my iPhone?

I locate it really made complex to relocate photos taken with my iPhone right into my computer is photo collection .

I made use of to take photos with a portable electronic camera, and also computer applications can really conveniently import the photos due to the fact that the portable electronic camera turns up as a USB disk - - in this manner, importing photos was virtually a one - click procedure!

Yet the iPhone does not turn up as a disk, which makes it really unpleasant. I've attempted to sync making use of iTunes, yet syncing is not what I desire to attain. I intend to relocate the images far from the iPhone! I've attempted relocating them making use of iFunBox, and also while that jobs, it develops the trouble that all photos to get a new timestamp which damages my image collection.

How can I conveniently relocate photos and also video clips from iPhone to COMPUTER without making use of iTunes syncing, and also maintaining the documents' initial timestamps?

Explanations :
I'm making use of Windows 7, and also the phone is currently jailbroken. I'm seeking a remedy that will certainly permit Windows to see the phone is indigenous documents system as a regular USB drive where I can import the images & videos making use of a Windows program - - or any kind of various other remedy that comes as close as feasible to this.

Update :
Based on the remedies until now it is clear that added computer applications will not aid. What I require rather is some means of obtaining the damn phone to present itself to Windows using a drive letter, similar to any kind of various other disk source or portable electronic camera does.

This is an example where I assume Apple is being also limiting with their items ; if individuals desire accessibility, after that allow them have it. If they damage it, it is their trouble. That is what back-ups are for. "It simply functions" just functions if you uphold Apple is planned usage, which does not include Windows drive letters.

2019-05-13 02:54:07
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Have you seen the free application, WiFi Photo Transfer?

Not exactly sure concerning timestamps on video clip, yet it is wonderful for promptly ordering photos and also video clip off your iphone tool. Specifically given that it will certainly whiz up photos.

2019-05-17 14:05:07

Creation and also alteration days in the Finder or in Windows are never ever entirely trusted as they can be transformed by virtually anything (as you have actually seen). The photos have the live stamps held inside in the documents themselves and also any kind of photo monitoring software program need to be passing those, not by what you see in the OS' documents system,

Applications like iFunBox on Windows and also Image Capture on the Mac to take care of documents downloads from tools are actually the only choices to iTunes or iLife.

UPGRADE : Do not jailbreak your iPhone. It is generally unneeded and also it invalidates your service warranty. One sensible alternative is to consider PhoneView which supplies a disk setting. You do not claim what system you get on, yet I've made use of that in the past on my Mac prior to I acquired iLife.

I assume whatever, the production and also alteration days in the OS are mosting likely to be bothersome for you due to the fact that the documents will certainly be new to the OS.

2019-05-17 14:01:39

What concerning this remedy?

With the plug - in you can take care of songs, video clips, podcasts and also photos for your iPod. You can > add all those documents to your iPod, delete and also arrange them right into playlists along with clever > playlists.

Install WinAmp+mliPod on your computer system

To handle your iPod you require 2 documents, WinAmp itself and also the above stated plug - in mliPod.

Download straight from WinAmp

Download mliPod

2019-05-17 13:55:19

When I connect my iPhone to a Windows equipment, it does look like an electronic electronic camera and also permits me to replicate documents from the DCIM folder or to make use of the "Import Pictures" alternative from Windows.

I simply attempted this in a Windows 7 VM and also had the ability to watch all the images in my Camera Roll. From there, I can drag and also go down images to my desktop computer.

I do not have actually iTunes mounted in the Windows 7 VM.

It functions similarly in my Windows XP equipment, at the workplace. There it is a physical equipment and also I have actually iTunes mounted, yet I can replicate the images from the iPhone without syncing, anyhow.

2019-05-17 06:54:39

I assume you can do this by utilizing Diskaid -

It benefits Win7 and also for both jailbroken and also non - j. phones.

You can additionally offer Sharepod at a shot.

2019-05-17 05:58:33