How to Determine which Firefox Add - ons are Using one of the most Memory

I enjoy Firefox for its add - ons. I have a great deal of them mounted, which clearly raises memory usage. Yet it appears that some add - ons are far better than others because division. Does any person recognize a means to identify about just how much memory each add - on is making use of? Clearly, I could disable them all and also attempt them individually, yet I'm wishing for a less complicated means ...

2019-05-13 02:54:32
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I generally manage Firefox memory concerns by mounting 2 various Firefox' es on my computer system. The first one is the default Firefox and also the various other is mobile Firefox.

I install all the addons I am ever before mosting likely to make use of on the mobile Firefox (FF) I install the addons which are made use of virtually daily on the default Firefox.

In this manner I can make use of the addon simply by switching to the mobile Firefox.

If this is not the remedy you are seeking after that attempt these addons

  1. AFOM - AFOM recoups Memory Leakage within the Firefox application. (Windows just)
    NOTE : This add - on has actually been gotten rid of by its writer.

  2. CacheViewer - Allows looking and also arranging memory and also disk cache files.
    CacheViewer is stopped please usage CacheViewer Continued.
    MODIFY : I attempted it, and also it reveals all the documents made use of by Firefox in the cache which consume priceless memory.

  3. bosskey - Add Boss Key, Minimize/Close to tray and also memory vehicle cleansing to Firefox.

  4. RAMBack - RAMBack will certainly create Firefox to release an inner alert to liberate memory that is or else held for efficiency objectives.

2019-12-04 04:38:31

There is an expansion called Leak Monitor that checks add - ons for a particular sort of memory leakage ... not specifically what you are seeking, yet it is a start!

2019-05-17 13:59:51

Only a little much less laborious:

  • Check memory use of Firefox+all plugins.
  • Disable them all & examine memory use - distinction results from plugins.
  • Enable six (say), check memory use.
  • If the increase is not undue repeat with the next set.
  • If the increase is a huge percentage of the use after that disable that set and also examine every one independently.
  • Repeat till all plugins included.

Clearly this is possibly a non starter if you have great deals of plugins.

Searching for additional information on those plugins could inform you something too.

2019-05-17 13:20:49