Multiple screen sessions with various formats: is it feasible?

The title virtually claims all of it, yet below is a brief added instance:

What I would certainly such as:

  • Multiple screen windows
  • Multiple "contexts" : as an example a "sources" context, a "assembling" context, etc
  • Each context can have it is very own part of open windows which are separated by split - displays

At this minute, it appears just feasible to create numerous screen sessions to attain this.

Is it feasible to create one screen instance that gives the above capability?

Otherwise, is it feasible to switch over in between energetic screen circumstances equally as you would certainly switch over in between the windows by utilizing ^A "?

2019-05-13 02:54:47
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Answers: 1

Window divides appear to be per - login, yet doing so appears to rather maul your barrier dimensions if you make use of multi - attach (screen - x). You could be able to get something comparable to what you desire making use of multi - attach, yet your inquiry does not include specifically what you desire, so with any luck the reminder to the - x alternative will certainly aid.

You can run screen under screen, however. To conserve your peace of mind I would certainly recommend transforming the 'context switcher' screen instance is hotkey to something apart from ^ A.

It additionally seems like you could be curious about something like ratpoison or StumpWM if you've obtained a linux desktop computer.

2019-05-17 12:56:23