Why does my YouTube application have efficiency troubles and also straight-out failings?

I have a supply Captivate on AT&T. I've attempted to see video clips at the very least a loads times, and also possibly two times it is functioned as I would certainly like it to.

Troubles include:

  • " This video can not be played". I saw the question concerning "permit mobile playback" flag, yet I get it on customer - developed things also (not simply business things). Exists a means to examine if the flag is set, claim from the desktop computer internet user interface?
  • 20+2nd load time prior to playback begins, also for brief video clips, if it operates at all
  • Sometimes I wait over a min and also the "rewriter" (" Loading video") never ever vanishes
  • Once it begins playback, if the barrier goes out, I can not get it to start once more. The barrier indication could start expanding once more (light red line shows up once more and also grows) yet absolutely nothing I do can make it start in fact playing. I struck play/pause, check forward/backward, touch the moment bar, etc ; absolutely nothing takes place.

Some notes:

  • I have actually attempted HQ and also not - HQ ; both have concerns though HQ is even worse (not shocking)
  • I have actually attempted it on WiFi and also 3G ; 3G in fact appears a little far better
  • I can see YouTube simply great on my laptop computer, etc, over the very same wifi link
  • I have actually made use of the wifi analyzer application (neglected the name) to evaluate range ; there are no contrasting/ overlapping networks in my location
  • I can download podcasts on Listen at ~ 10+MB/min (approximated by my watch) so it is not something rickety with my wifi link
  • I've rooted the phone yet just so I can deal with a corrupt wifi setups documents (well-known concern, yet I'm having problem locating a ref link now). I'm rather sure the concern is unrelated, and also I'm not running any kind of various other superuser things.

I'm at a loss. I have no suggestion just how to track this down - - there is no certain mistake to seek out, simply basic crappiness. Is it simply me? Does everyone have this dreadful of an experience? Would certainly the "lag solution" do anything for me? Exists a far better 3rd - event gamer? (a person stated sideloading VLC)

I do not watch a great deal of YouTube video clips usually, yet when I do get an opportunity to consider them it would certainly behave to be able to do so on my "extremely" phone ...

2019-05-13 02:55:11
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Maybe it is not the entire solution yet 2 points appear to have actually made a large distinction:

One, my Captivate was lately updated to Froyo formally. The new Youtube application appears to execute extremely much better.

2, and also this is the actually intriguing little bit, I switched over from WPA on 802.11 g to WPA2 on 802.11 n, and also my wifi rates went from ~ 200 - 300k to 4 - 5M. Not exactly sure specifically why yet it is most definitely something to take into consideration if you see efficiency troubles in an application that relies upon the network ...

2019-05-21 02:11:27

Some video clips simply can not be used your phone due to the fact that the bitrate (or required handling power) is expensive for your tool. This could also take place in the center of a flawlessly functioning video, due to the fact that it is making use of a variable bitrate (which simply climbed over what is feasible). That is why Youtube can get slow-moving too momentarily. It just surrenders when the cpu goes to near 100% and also it begins missing out on a great deal of structures. That is in fact excellent layout. In addition to that, I assume there could be some pests in YouTube yet (yet alas it is not an open sourced application).

2019-05-19 13:13:13