nexus s rooting wifi mistake trouble

So, I have actually opened my Samsung Nexus S that works on Android 2.3.1 and also i have actually rooted it. The trouble currently is that I angle open wifi any longer, it maintains informing me "mistake" whenever I click wifi.

Why is this taking place? Just how to repair it?

2019-05-13 02:56:51
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The very same takes place for me. When I make use of the 'fastboot boot *. img' command from my computer, the Nexus S boots right into some (as an example Netarchy) bit, and also every little thing other than WiFi jobs.

I think the troubles exists with some bit - components (which can in fact get on the tool memory, beyond the bit) which do not match the new bit. Given that several of the components (as an example for the gsm/gprs radio) are shut resource, they are not upgraded to match more recent bits.

So you can attempt older bit variations, or await updates from Samsung

2019-05-22 13:19:57

I repaired this by recovering just the android "boot" component from the initial rom back-up:

I made use of the clockworkmod recuperation which can additionally be mounted from the rooted phone making use of the "rom supervisor" application. Yet as opposed to making an entire recuperation, i merely entered into innovative recuperation alternatives, picked the above stated back-up folder, and also picked to recover just the "boot" component:

  • start clickworkmod recuperation,
  • select "back-up and also recuperation"
  • select "innovative recuperation"
  • select the photo of the initial back-up (see listed below)
  • select recover boot

This blog post defines just how to recover your nexus s to initial supply android and also gives a back-up of the initial rom:

2019-05-13 18:35:47