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Our college has a record that they intend to show to the moms and dads of the college. We would certainly such as to have the ability to send a link and also password to the college is sending by mail checklist.

I recognize that this isn't one of the most safe and secure means of doing points, yet the key point is that the record can not get on an unsafe link.

Can any person advise a website or energy that would certainly permit us to do this?

2019-05-13 02:57:13
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Create a free Posterous blog site and also set it to private with a password.

A Posterous blog site is straightforward to upgrade - in your instance, you would certainly send an email with a documents add-on (s). Within secs or mins you get an email reply from posterous with a permalink to your new blog post which has the download documents.

In your college e-newsletter you state that link and also the website password.

Benefits over dropbox (additionally a wonderful remedy):

  • If you require to transform the team password, there is just one to transform and also all downloads will certainly be shielded under the new one quickly.
  • Moms and dads just need to manage one password (and also they'll have the checkbox alternative of Remember password the very first time they go to get a download).
  • Naturally, you get a background add-ons (it is a blog site nevertheless).
  • You'll know with a strong blog writing system if and also when it is time to move modern technology made use of for the (mass email) college e-newsletter.
2019-05-17 02:37:22