How can I map a VMS directory site on a Windows 2003 Server?

Is this also feasible without endangering the web server is security?

2019-05-13 02:58:53
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Pathworks for OpenVMS (if mounted on VMS) gives assimilation with energetic directory site. Security can be regulated with inter - domain name trust funds (Windows side) and also ACLs with HOSTMAPs that map energetic directory site names to OpenVMS accounts. You can restrict the capacities of the pertinent OpenVMS accounts to match any kind of security plan.

OpenVMS documents can have differing document layouts, and also not every one of them can be conveniently converted to Windows documents. Pathworks does a practical work converting document layouts, but also for some documents the outcome is not useful.

Treatment needs to be taken with documents variation numbers , as the Windows side can see just the documents with the highest possible variation. When a Windows customer removes a documents from a common directory site, an older variation can show up and also perplex the customer.

2019-05-19 15:01:55

Samba is the approved system made use of to do this on Unix - like systems and also did assistance VMS at one factor. Nonetheless I'm not exactly sure that it still carries out in the major trunk - you can attempt an older variation. Directory sites can be shared from the VMS web server using the samba web server or placed off a Windows equipment using smbmount.

If you do not intend to compile your very own variation, HP keeps a port of Samba for VMS, which can be downloaded and install here.

Alternatively, you can see if the Pathworks32 customer will certainly run in Win 2k3 web server. Last but not least, you might have the ability to simply upload/download documents using FTP.

2019-05-17 03:09:17