Server 2008 email on Event variables

One of the new attributes of Server 2008 is the capacity to attach a job to a details occasion in case logs. Among the activities readily available is to send an email via a SMTP web server.

This is functioning great, nonetheless it would certainly be excellent if in the message body, the Event materials can be positioned. I have actually attempted making use of $eventdescription and also %eventdescription%, yet those are simply shots in the dark. Any kind of quantity of googling generates no outcomes.

Does any person recognize if this is feasible?

Update : Sparks' pointer listed below is an action in the appropriate instructions I think, nonetheless that method does not appear to benefit all values. As an example, I can draw the RecordID, Severity and also Channel as revealed, yet I can not make use of the very same method to retreive the EventID, or most notably the summary.

Below is the raw XML from one occasion:

[Event xmlns=""]
    [Provider Name="DFSR" /] 
    [EventID Qualifiers="16384"]4412[/EventID] 
    [TimeCreated SystemTime="2009-05-14T18:18:09.000Z" /] 
    [Channel]DFS Replication[/Channel] 
    [Security /] 
    [Data]D:\departments\Geomatics\Plan Quality\Data Processing\CG3533017 2009-05-13 KT FIXED[/Data] 
    [Data]CG3533017 2009-05-13-{26D5F604-E603-4F87-8EC3-DE9A945DA8FD}-v927199[/Data] 

I have actually attempted making use of a ValueQuery for EventData, yet it returns no information.

2019-05-13 03:00:02
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I do not have accessibility to a Server 2008 or Vista equipment to attempt this myself and also get the variable for you yet this write-up need to serve.

If you create a standard job and afterwards watch the XML of the job you need to see all the values readily available.

2019-05-22 23:42:37