HTC Tilt 2-- feasible to get Android on it?

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One of my close friends lately obtained an HTC Touch Pro 2 (United States Cellular) and also I actually like it. It has Windows Mobile on it, yet in some way he downloaded and install an unique program to his SD card to make sure that he runs some Windows program and also it will certainly boot Android. To return to manufacturing facility settings, he simply needs to transform the phone on and off.

I sought a comparable phone for my service provider (AT&T) and also the closest point to it is the HTC Tilt 2. I'm mindful of several of the adjustments consisting of various keyboard and also no 3.5 mm jack. Is it maimed in anyhow which would certainly stop me from doing the very same point my close friend did however? Additionally would certainly it invalidate the service warranty or anything like that? Additionally, one last inquiry. When running Android like that do you have "origin" capacities? Like can I install informal applications and/or reach an origin terminal?

2019-05-04 03:01:29
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You do not require HardSPL, as you can not blink Android yet. It simply boots from WinMo using Haret, and also after a reboot WinMo returns. You could intend to backup your SD card materials simply in instance.

There is job underway in the blinking location, so we can change WinMo entirely and also get a wonderful efficiency increase too. I currently have it on the Kaiser and also enjoy it, yet with the more recent MSM based phones it is not there yet (in fact AFAICT the trouble isn't the blinking itself yet booting up the equipment without the aid of WinMo).

2019-05-17 11:20:41

It is feasible, nonetheless as you stated it is not entirely suitable yet. Some equipment items like the electronic camera (and also I assume speaker phone ) will certainly not benefit the ATT T2.

Look into the XDA-Developers forum, especially rhodium (what our phones are ) for even more details on the Android developement & prepared winmo ROMs.I do not recall of the top of my head if you require to run Hard-SPL or otherwise too right into Android off the card of or otherwise, yet if you do require to, that'll invalidate the service warranty.

Although, in my point of view it's worth it to at the very least select a prepared Winmo ROM or Android ... also if it invalidates the service warranty.

2019-05-07 19:31:07