How do I set up SMTP when making use of Windows Server 2003 as a mail web server?

I included the "Mail Server" duty to my Windows Server 2003 web server, which offered me POP3 and also SMTP (I actually just require SMTP). I require a web server on my LAN that customers can make use of to email out without SSL or a login (I will certainly NOT be permitting any kind of website traffic from the Internet ; this will certainly NOT be an open relay).

I see just how I can set up POP3, yet I can not locate any kind of setups for SMTP (as an example, where to transform the port, limit IP arrays, limit hosts, etc).

Is it feasible to set up anything, or is this simply a vanilla SMTP web server without setups?

2019-05-13 03:02:14
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Is it feasible to set up anything

Yes. Open IIS Manager and also appropriate click the SMTP Server and also most likely to "Properties". The SMTP web server is set up as component of IIS.

2019-05-17 12:54:50