Stop sound gamer from reactivating songs after a call

Whenever I receive a phone while paying attention songs (with earplugs), I disconnect the earplugs and also take the phone via the regular audio speakers.

The songs is stopped throughout the call, no worry there, yet when I hang up, the songs begins once more, also without the earplugs. Which is sort of frustrating at the workplace, in an open room.

Exists a means to compel the songs to remain stopped after the call?

I'm making use of the Music Mod application on an Froyo - powered HTC Legend, yet I think it has actually taken place to me with every music player I've attempted.

2019-05-13 03:03:39
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Answers: 2

You can make use of the Autostarts application to modify completion - phone - call occasion and also remove your songs application from the checklist of applications that get signaled on that particular occasion. I think it calls for origin.

2019-05-17 13:11:52

What you require is the headset blocker widget - install it and afterwards placed it up on your residence screen as a widget and afterwards toggle it ON.

Currently, whenever you disconnect your earphones, the music player will certainly stop playing. attempt it and also see if it functions.

BTW, Meridian Player has an in - constructed alternative to forbid returning to playback after a call.

2019-05-13 16:51:18