When re - importing songs in iTunes, exists a means to set "Replace Existing" as the default and also miss the dialog?

I shed a large portion of my iTunes collection as a result of a disk failing. The data source is great, yet the track documents are missing out on. The good news is for me, iTunes will certainly allow me reimport the CDs and also maintain my existing playlists, play matters, etc iTunes is readied to import instantly on disc insertion, so when I stick a CD in I get this dialog:

One or even more of the tracks you have actually picked to import have actually currently been imported. Do you intend to change existing tracks and also import them once more? [Change Existing ] [Cancel ] [Don't Replace ]

So much so excellent. The problem is that my collection is organized on a brainless G4 Mini, and also it is bothersome to strike "Replace Existing" every single time. Also if I connect a display and also key-board, the dialog takes a bit ahead up, and also I would certainly such as to simply exchange CDs in and also out whenever I go through the living-room. There is a couple of hundred CDs to re - import so I do not intend to babysit the procedure.

I thought of creating an AppleScript to push "Replace Existing" for me, yet there does not appear to be a means to wait on dialog occasions. I checked out the iTunes prefs documents, etc, for some "constantly change existing" alternative, yet no good luck.

I figure this is a slim chance, yet does any person have any kind of suggestions on just how to miss the "Replace Existing" dialog or otherwise make this procedure go extra efficiently?

2019-05-13 03:05:05
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If you have adequate disk room, possibly you can import the CDs right into a new iTunes collection, and also when it is all done, import once more (in one go) from there right into the actual one?

2019-05-17 14:42:33