In Activity Monitor, just how can Swap Used be greater than Page Outs?

I am attempting to recognize the partnership in between Page Outs and also Swap Used as presented in Activity Monitor. Presently, Activity Monitor reveals:

Page outs : 1.6 MEGABYTES Swap made use of : 8.1 MEGABYTES

How can there be extra swap made use of than the quantity paged out?

2019-05-13 03:07:57
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My understanding is this:

  • Program requires accessibility to some information. Efforts to do so, and also falls short, as a result of absence of RAM.
  • OS takes control. There is a web page - out procedure, where physical RAM is replicated to swap.
  • There is a web page - in procedure, where the called for information is replicated to RAM.
  • OS offers control back to program.
  • Program attempts once more, locates its information.

OS is are obtaining clever concerning just how they pick what and also when to to web page in/out. So the procedure matters might not coincide, and also the swap room might probably remain in usage without there being web page outs.

Unless certainly I'm in reverse on what a web page - in/page - out procedure is. In which instance your inquiry makes excellent feeling.

2019-05-17 13:23:51