Why do I get a Blank Page in between each Content Page on my HP Network Printer?

The trouble : I have an HP printer, networked over CAT 6. It publishes, yet every various other web page is an empty web page.

No, I do not have this alternative activated under Printer setups on home windows. I recognize it is not a setups trouble with Windows, as when I connect in the Printer straight to my computer system, it does not publish the empty web pages.

Below is my network arrangement:
Modem - > Wireless Router - > Switch - > Printer

All tools connect straight to the Switch using CAT 6 wire.

I've talked with HP numerous times, yet they do not appear to recognize the remedy, has any kind of one else had this trouble?

I assumed it was the printer, yet it is taken place to every HP printer I attempted to network.

I'm assuming there could be a trouble with packages being sent out over the network ...


The trouble vanishes with Windows 7. There have to be a trouble with the default Windows Vista vehicle driver.

2019-05-13 03:09:10
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When you connect using USB, Windows will certainly install a new duplicate of that printer. To put it simply, if there remains in reality a setup that is creating this it should not exist on the printer arrangement.

I have 2 pointers :

  1. Experience every web page of each printer buildings for both printers, and also make certain absolutely nothing is various with the exception of the port. Remember that printing choices and also printing defaults both require to pair up. I've seen instances where one or the various other was not set appropriately, causing undesirable practices.

  2. Replicate the USB installment in your printers folder, and also transform it is port to make use of the TCP/IP port made use of by your network printer - see if this deals with the concern.

If # 2 does not deal with the concern, and also the trouble proceeds after that it is a trouble with the vehicle driver or the printer. What version printer, and also have you gotten the most up to date vehicle driver? Probably an older variation of the vehicle driver (if you can locate such a monster) is readily available?

Falling short that - delete every one of the vehicle drivers and also ports connected to the printer. (Right Click in Printers - > Server Properties - > Delete each vehicle driver for this printer, after that all the ports) and also reset the printer to manufacturing facility defaults. After that re-install making use of the most up to date vehicle driver from HP.

And also if that does not function ... you have a bodgy printer

2019-12-01 19:47:34

This is a Driver concern. Get the most up to date vehicle driver for your system and also see to it you are making use of the proper protocol/port to connect to the printer.

See to it you pick the appropriate vehicle driver for your printer. (PCL or PostScript)

If you are making use of postscript the adhering to uses. In many cases publishing intricate postscript records can additionally have this outcome when the printer requires even more memory to effectively provide the record.

2019-05-31 14:25:06

If your vehicle drivers are up - to - day attempt to disable DEP (Data Execution Prevention).

2019-05-30 17:50:19

I've seen this prior to on HP printers, yet I do not have a networked HP printer readily available to consider now. I'll examine it out tomorrow and also allow you recognize what I figure out.

EDIT : Sorry for the long haul, had some wellness concerns to address ...

Check under 'Ports', select the IP port that the printer makes use of and also click the 'Configure Port ...' switch. Therein, examine to see if the print method is 'Raw' under 'Port Number' 9100.

Allow me recognize if that aids you out.


2019-05-13 18:38:56