How does Google determine which web pages specify a word?

In Google, if you make use of the search term "specify :maths" it will certainly give you with interpretations of words math.

Just how does Google establish which web pages on the internet are interpretations for that word? (as an example are the meta tags that you can include in a web page to claim that this web page is a definition web page?)

2019-05-13 03:10:52
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*EDIT : And looking further, it appears somebody else has actually recognized various other resources so possibly my theory does not hold. That write-up offers better understanding than I do. (The web page is additionally 4 years of ages, yet one of the most pertinent blog post I can locate.)

Doing a couple of arbitrary searches, it resembles all the solutions originate from the very same collections of resources. My enlightened hunch would certainly be that Google has actually currently established resources which are trustworthy/reliable and also have actually created formulas to parse/search these sources and also return these cause an order which follows its various other search formulas.

I base this theory on that particular I have not seen any kind of resources beyond these details ones in approx 10 various searches:


This page supplies some addditional pointers on just how to effectively recognize interpretations in your HTML nonetheless the no verdict was reach on just how Google resources these interpretations.

2019-05-17 09:29:40