Aggregate all my blog posts on all my discussion forums

I bear in mind a couple of years ago there was a website which applied this severely. What I'm seeking is a means to track strings that I upload in no matter what discussion forum I upload them in. Additionally valuable would certainly be the capacity to flag a string, following it, yet independent of going there to examine.

Appears all-natural that this would certainly exist. Does it?

2019-05-13 03:13:20
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Tracking Replies

A very easy alternative would certainly be to have a committed e-mail account you make use of to register on discussion forums and also activate the alert alternative (or register for strings you upload in independently) each.

Bearing in mind blog posts

You can bookmark every one making use of a social bookmarking solution such as delicious.

Offered the vast veriety of software program powering discussion forums, workarounds such as those would possibly be extra reliable than a committed application.

2019-05-17 13:18:47