Just how much hard drive room should be required for Xbox 360?

I intend to get a 360 and also do not recognize wether to get the larger (250GB), more recent, extra pricey Elite, or get among the older, smaller sized (120GB), last gen ones. I recognize the gallery is mosting likely to be also tiny to conserve anything valuable

Just how much hard drive room is advise? What else is saved besides video games?

2019-05-07 03:01:59
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I have the old elite with the 120GB HD and also I am to concerning 90 GB left. Which lacks mounting any kind of video games that is simply conserved video games and also DLC and also a pair trials. I would certainly advise obtaining a bigger HD if you intend on playing a great deal of video games. If you resemble among my close friends and also the only 2 video games you possess are Gears of War and also Gears of War2 after that the 20 GB need to suffice. Or else get even more.

Additionally As Macha claimed some video games in fact reduce when mounted, a lot of the FPS video games I have actually played reduce (MW2. Gears 1 and also 2, Halo 3 ...) if mounted so I do not install any kind of video games any longer.

NONETHELESS, my better half has a gallery which we acquired a 120GB disk drive for and also it lots much faster and also runs far better than my elite. So take that wherefore it deserves. All the bells and also whistles on the elite are not entirely like they appear.

2019-05-17 04:43:17

Depends how the amount of video games you play and also do you download and install downloadable web content (DLC).

As an example, I have an older XBox 360 with simply 20GB, yet I manage due to the fact that I generally simply play one video game at once. It is advised to "install" your video games to the HD for faster load times and also much less sound, to make sure that calls for concerning 6 - 8GB.

Additionally, do you like to experiment with video game trials? Those are generally a number of GBs. Do you intend on acquiring a number of XBox downloadable video games? The XBox gallery video games are generally under 1GB each.

Do you intend on downloading and install flicks and also songs to your disk drive?

If you address no you a lot of these, you can also go the barebones course and also get an XBox without a HD (gallery version) and also simply acquire a 16GB flash drive to store your web content.

If you address yes to a great deal of this things, after that larger is much better.

Yet it actually relies on the amount of video games you desire to have accessibility to on the disk drive (trials, mounted video games, DLC).

BTW, you could intend to look into the latest version Xbox called the XBox 360 Slim. It just cames in one HD dimension, so it makes this inquiry moot.

2019-05-09 00:37:36

What's saved on the 360 hard drive:

  • The Dashboard application itself (commonly)
  • Any downloaded and install video games from XBox Live (this consists of trials, XBox Arcade, XBox Originals - - that is, initial XBox video games, which can be DVD - sized - - and also XBox 360 titles - - once more, DVD - sized)
  • Downloaded web content for video games (such as Rock Band/Guitar Hero tracks, Fallout/Oblivion add - ons, etc)
  • Saved video games (which can be bigger than you could assume)
  • Any torn or downloaded and install songs
  • Any downloaded and install flicks (unless you're making use of Netflix to stream them)
  • Your account (commonly)

Now, as rlorenzo said, what you need to get relies on what you intend to do. My first XBox 360 delivered with the 20 - job drive, and also I seemed like I outgrew it rather promptly, as I was obtaining Rock Band and also Guitar Hero tracks by the considerable amount, had a lot of the DLC for Oblivion and also all of it for Fallout 3, etc

When that XBox 360 passed away (out of service warranty, regretfully), I end up acquiring a no - tough - drive version and also a new 120 - job drive. I made use of the devices to move every little thing over and also offered my old drive to a close friend of mine. At 120 - job, I really feel far more comfy - - yet am still not comfy adequate to load video games from disc to the hard drive. (I would certainly favor to have that room readily available for video games I might download and install!)

If I were acquiring a new 360 today, I 'd possibly divulge for the 250 - job version. Yet that's due to the fact that I recognize my use pattern. You'll require to review your own versus the information that obtains saved, and also make the appropriate selection for you.

(Also : There's absolutely nothing quiting you from making use of USB memory embeds a 360 currently, for all sort of storage space. Considered that these sticks are economical, you can understandably make use of a various stick for each and every video game's specialized web content, and also perform. Nonetheless, the sticks are restricted to 16 - job in dimension for 360 usage. This might still confirm even more price - reliable in the future, and also probably extra adaptable too.)

2019-05-09 00:36:11

I have 17/ 120GB made use of on my 360 HDD with a modest quantity of DLC, and also GTA 4 mounted. If you do not install video games, the 20GB (which as a caution, just offers 13GB of useful room) is great. If you do install video games, it relies on the quantity of video games you maintain one-time.

Realize that mounting video games does not constantly offer a recognizable rate increase and also can reduce some video games (as an example Halo 3) down.

2019-05-09 00:33:48