Email alert tray symbol for details IMAP folders

Running under linux, I made use of the superb mail-notification application to check my (numerous) mail boxes. I'm seeking something comparable on windows, and also having problem locating something that will certainly simply alert me if there is new mail, and also not have a number of attributes (like responding to e-mails) that I do not require. The one point that I am seeking is the capacity to set up signals for details IMAP folders, to make sure that I get alerted if I have new mail in folder A, yet not folder B. Currently I have my very own little application that I created, yet I'm wishing there is something else around a little bit extra brightened.

2019-05-13 03:15:11
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You need to have a look at POPPeeper. No matter the name, it collaborates with almost all email layouts imaginable and also does specifically what you are requesting for

2019-05-21 12:00:56