Why does Safari cache old web pages on iPhone also after you've downloaded and install the new web page?

This might be a trouble details to Reddit.com, yet I locate that if I adhere to a link to an additional website on mobile safari and also countered, that only component of the moment will certainly I see the most up to date duplicate of the web page. A great deal of times, I'll see a duplicate of the web page from weeks ago that mobile Safari has actually cached for one reason or another.

For quality this is what takes place:

  1. I see reddit on March 1st in mobile Safari, click some web links, every little thing jobs.
  2. Later on I see reddit on March 3rd and also I see the March 3rd homepage.
  3. I click a link to see an additional website off of reddit, and afterwards click back to return to reddit.com
  4. I see the March 1st duplicate of reddit.com
2019-05-13 03:15:22
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I'm having the very same trouble. If you goto Settings > Safari > Clear Cache it solutions it for a week approximately.

The web page it is taking place to me on is http://www.google.com/m/ig which is my homepage in Safari I make use of for reviewing most recent information and also such.

Additionally, Philip stated that it might be a memory trouble, which might hold true on iOS4 yet on my 3GS with iOS3, I never ever had memory troubles and also computer animations and also such were superb. I think iOS4 is really negative at memory/application monitoring in contrast.

2019-12-01 23:54:02

I would certainly visualize this has something to do with Core Data, memory cautions, or both. If Apple is utilizing its very own package, after that it is conserving the cache in a Core Data store, which is, basically, an unordered set. My concept is that when you most likely to a website, Safari is mosting likely to the Core Data store and also ordering the first instance of the URL concerned if it exists, which can be old, new, whatever. Yet given that I additionally do not assume that Apple would certainly be virtually that careless, I would certainly claim that every web page tries to cache, yet the quantity of information called for to effectively cache a website is beholden to memory cautions, which you, as the customer, need to never ever, ever before see, just this moment the more recent web page merely does not get cached which is why you get arbitrary older web pages in sight.

Okay, that was a little bit technological. Basically, I assume Safari tries to keep a tidy cache, yet memory constraints of the tool do not constantly permit that to take place.

2019-05-17 13:47:22