How do I full Prince of Persia Retro (iPhone/iPad) degree 2?

I am dismayed concerning Prince of Persia Retro degree 2 finishing.

When I copulate to the left of the exit door, there is a massive dive to the switch to unlock. I've attempted the complying with to address it:

  • I can make that dive with a run, no worry. Yet, to come back, there is no area to run.
  • When I attempt to run, I can not make the dive and also be up to fatality.
  • When I meticulously tip to the walk and also dive without running, I do not have adequate energy and also I are up to fatality.

I can not locate a means to finish it. What to do?

2019-05-13 03:17:48
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Answers: 2

Forgive me if I'm incorrect, yet PoP retro is an excellent port of the initial, which suggests that you will certainly want this. I assume you are describing 3 :10, yet to be secure, watch from concerning 3 mins approximately.

2019-05-17 15:12:38

You need to push the "action meticulously" switch and also completion of the enter order to keep the side. You wind up dangling, afterwards you can draw on your own up with "up".

This made use of to be the old "activity" switch, which in fact was the entire screen.

2019-05-17 15:06:42