How specifically do hallucinations operate in Starcraft 2?

I listened to that halucinations take two times the damages as regular devices. Are they various in otherwise? Shield, rate?

2019-05-13 03:32:42
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In enhancement to taking double damages, they additionally do not result any kind of damages, which is possibly noticeable. I can not locate any kind of referrals to them having or else various statistics such as lower rate or otherwise gaining from upgrades. ( Edit : tzenes claims in the remarks they do not gain from shield ; I have not examined it.)

According to this site, they are damaged promptly by a psionic tornado. Additionally, detectors can detect them, so I would certainly presume if a detector remained in the location their top priority for the AI to strike them will certainly be reduced.

Or else, to your adversaries, they appear specifically the like regular devices.

Specifically, for you they give view, so they can be made use of for looking or detecting.

2019-05-17 14:59:58