Why exists a distinction in between links sent to a sitemap and also links in the google index?

The crawl record reveals this : " HTTP (1) In Sitemaps (5) Not located (993) Restricted by robots.txt (487,544)"

So the disparity in between 50,000 and also 44,592 isn't originating from that. Exist any kind of noticeable factors?

2019-05-13 03:38:14
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I assume it is merely that Google does not always index all the URLs sent. The sent sitemap is advising, it is after that up to the Search Engines to establish whether those URLs need to be (or merit to be) indexed.

Or, may be Google simply hasn't obtained round to checking/indexing those various other web pages yet? By appearance of your screenshot you just sent the Sitemap today ?!

2019-05-17 16:23:51

The distinction hinges on Google is top priorities : you might have web pages in your sitemap, nonetheless, for whatever factor (be it absence of inbound web links to deep web content, absence of in - website web links, hold-ups in uploading back index information, and so on) Google either does not have the web content indexed or isn't revealing you what is in fact indexed.

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Given that Google does not make it a top priority to show you specifically the amount of web pages remain in its index for an offered search, I would certainly claim it is simply an issue of Google falling short to show you an exact image of its index.

2019-05-17 16:04:51