will running Google Latitude (or any kind of comparable application) behind-the-scenes dramatically influence battery life?

I have mounted Google Latitude and also am asking yourself just how much quicker my battery will run level? I recognize the means Apple applied its "mutitasking" structure reduces the influence?

2019-05-13 03:39:11
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Yes, any kind of application that runs in the history requires some focus from the CPU, and also this prices battery power. Better, if the application requires GPS and/or 3G solution or various other battery - extensive solutions, after that certainly the battery will certainly diminish also much faster.

Yet relying on your scenario and also conditions, this can be a profession - off that deserves it, specifically if you just require to do this for much shorter amount of times.

2019-05-17 14:25:18

Due to the means multitasking is carried out in iOS 4, Apple attempted to implement it in such a way to lower this as high as feasible. As an example, with the latitude application, it can just question and also upload area details at particular periods.

So, yes, any kind of history application in fact functioning (like GPS or Upload type applications) will certainly make use of a little bit extra sources than a phone not running them.

Yet, if one were to run this sort of application totally behind-the-scenes (as an example, just how some jailbroken applications do), it would certainly be making use of a substantial quantity even more of power.

2019-05-17 14:22:59

Specifically, the Latitude application (and also various other history area - upgrading applications) register themselves for area updates "on substantial area adjustment".

Just how the phone recognizes the area has actually transformed dramatically is when the phone does a cell tower handoff. It is relocated sufficient that it runs out series of the tower it was talking with and also its solution is handed to the next tower. Back then, if any kind of applications are signed up for area updates, the phone fires up its GPS, obtains its works with, and also feeds them to those applications. Those applications after that reach do a LITTLE collaborate with what they were informed.

When iOS 4 appeared, I created a little application to have fun with this API. Primarily it simply beinged in the history and also videotaped lat/lng for every single upgrade it obtained. In between my workplace and also my residence (like 10 miles) it obtained 8 or 9 collections of works with.

That suggests 8 or 9 times (call it as soon as a mile approximately) that the phone needs to discharge up the GPS chip, pay attention for signals from celestial spaces, and also do something with them. That clearly occupies extra power than if it really did not need to do that.

Is it MUCH extra? You recognize what? Not actually. I bill my phone when it requires it (as opposed to, claim, every night), and also I really did not see it requiring it greater than common when my little application was running. So my hunch is that Latitude will not be a significant battery suck. Yet it'll most definitely draw some.

2019-05-17 14:17:03