What should I do when Ubuntu ices up?

All running systems freeze occasionally, and also Ubuntu is no exemption. What should I do to reclaim control when ...

  • simply one program quits reacting?
  • absolutely nothing in all replies to computer mouse clicks or key presses?
  • the computer mouse quits relocating totally?
  • I have an Intel Bay Trail CPU?

In what order should I attempt numerous remedies prior to determining to draw the power plug?

What should I do when launching Ubuntu falls short? Exists an analysis procedure I can adhere to?

2019-05-13 03:42:42
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My first favorite when complete freeze took place - Alt+SysRq+K.

That combination eliminates X, and also returns me to the visual login screen. If that does not function, attempt Alt+SysRq+R E I S U B.

2019-05-18 02:41:34

I have actually located that the wrongdoer in my instance appeared and also straightforward getting too hot. I stay in a warmer environment and also if I am not running airconditioning my laptop computer begins securing. Aiming a follower straight at it settled the trouble.

2019-05-18 02:33:05

The most basic remedy is to add the " Force Quit" applet to your Gnome leading panel and also when a program does not react, click the pressure gave up and afterwards on the application.

I am stunned with numerous solutions, this isn't stated. Certainly, you can constantly do a ps -A and also pipeline that to grep for your program name. And also kill -9 that. I favor simpleness.

2019-05-18 00:28:14

When every little thing quits working, first attempt Ctrl+Alt+F1 to head to a terminal, where you can likely kill X or various other trouble procedures.

If also that does not function, attempt making use of holding back Alt+SysReq while pushing (gradually, with a couple of secs in between each) R E I S U B.

This places the key-board in raw setting, finishes jobs in numerous states, synchronizes the disks, etc, and also ultimately restarts the equipment. You will certainly get better outcomes doing this than simply disengaging. Certainly, if this falls short, you are virtually entrusted disengaging.

2019-05-17 15:57:02

If you are obtaining a great deal of ices up, there could be something incorrect with your equipment. I made use of to get tough lockups every 48 hrs as a result of some much less than optimum RAM. Memtest86+revealed the mistake after 40 mins of testing. Exchanged the RAM out for some even more (under service warranty) and also I'm currently at 32 days, 1 hr of uptime.

Ubuntu does not often tend to leakage its intestines throughout your memory like Windows can with time. Also if one application or an inadequate X video clip vehicle driver does, you can reactivate LigthtDM really merely and also simply maintain going and also going and also going. I've in fact been via 3 beta variations of the nvidia vehicle driver in this one boot:)

Anyway ... While recognizing just how to reactivate gently is a really convenient point, searching for, reporting and also dealing with the system needs to be your next top priority. If it is a constantly - on system, you need to conveniently have the ability to make it in between bit updates * without requiring a reactivate.

*You need to reactivate when you get bit updates as they'll be protection solutions that will not be used till you reboot right into the more recent bit.

2019-05-17 15:47:16

When a solitary program quits working :

When a program window quits reacting, you can generally stop it by clicking the X - formed close switch on top left of the window. That will usually cause a dialog box claiming that the program is not reacting (yet you currently recognized that) and also offering you with the alternative to eliminate the program or to remain to await it to react.

Occasionally this does not function as anticipated. If you can not close a window by regular methods, you can strike Alt+F2, type xkill, and also press Enter. Your computer mouse arrow will certainly after that develop into an X . Float over the annoying window and also left - click to eliminate it. Right clicking will certainly terminate and also return your computer mouse to regular.

If your program is ranging from an incurable, on the various other hand, you can generally stop it with Ctrl+C. Otherwise, find the name and process ID of its command, and also inform the program to end asap with kill [process ID here]. It sends out the default signal SIGTERM (15). If all else falls short, as a last resource send SIGKILL (9) : kill -9 [process ID here]. Keep in mind that you need to just make use of SIGKILL as a last hotel, due to the fact that the procedure will certainly be ended quickly by the bit without possibility for cleaning. It does not also get the signal - it simply quits to exist.

(Killing a procedure by kill -9 allways functions if you have the approval to eliminate. In some grandfather clauses the procedure is still detailed by ps or top (as "zombie") - in this instance, the program was eliminated, yet the procedure table access is maintained, becuse it is required later on.)

When the computer mouse quits working :

If the key-board still functions, press Alt+F2 and also run gnome-terminal (or, if these fall short to release, press Alt+Ctrl+F1 and also login with your username and also password ). From there you can repair points. I'm not going to get right into computer mouse troubleshooting below, as I have not investigated it. If you simply intend to attempt reactivating the GUI, run sudo service lightdm restart. This need to lower the GUI, which will certainly after that try to respawn, bringing you back to the login screen.

When you have an Intel Bay Trail CPU

See https://askubuntu.com/a/803649/225694.

When every little thing, keys and also computer mouse and also all, stop functioning :

First attempt the Magic SysReq method laid out in Phoenix' answer. If that does not function, push the Reset switch on the computer system instance. If also that does not function, you'll simply need to power - cycle the equipment.
Might you never ever reach this factor.

2019-05-17 14:59:24

If you ever before make use of the magic SysRq key as recommended in the first solution, simply attempt obtaining the keyboard to function first with Alt+SysRq+R ; after that attempt Ctrl+Alt+F1 once more.

It might function and also you might conserve on your own a reboot. Just if it does not function you need to attempt the entire REISUB series.

2019-05-13 14:24:24

The first point to consider is if it is simply X that's icy, or the entire system. Enable ssh and afterwards ssh right into the system. If you can not ssh right into it, after that it's possibly a bit secure. If you can ssh in, after that it could be simply a gpu lockup.

Next shot reactivating X. Do this by reactivating the display screen supervisor:

  • On Ubuntu 11.10 and also later on, LightDM is the display screen supervisor, so run:

    service lightdm restart
  • On Ubuntu 11.04 and also earlier, GDM is the display screen supervisor, so run:

    service gdm restart

If that jobs, after that it's probably an X bug. If it still does not function, after that you might have a GPU lockup in the bit drm vehicle driver. It would certainly serve to recognize now whether you're running the - ati (open resource) vehicle driver, or - fglrx (shut resource) vehicle driver.

2019-05-12 04:15:27

I had actually a personalized constructed COMPUTER maintain cold on me. I placed the temperature level sensing units in the gnome panel and also had the ability to see if the CPU, HDD, Motherboard (primarily any kind of system temperature) were fuming at the time of the lock.

Your ATI card could be running warm and also you require raised air movement.

2019-05-11 18:30:47

To detect the freezes you need to have the ability to make use of the net console (or serial serial console for that issue). Adhere to the set up guidelines laid out here.

2019-05-10 12:14:33

If you need to do a tough closure I would certainly be asking yourself if the memory (RAM) was falling short. On your next boot, attempt running memtest86. To do this :

  • while booting, hold back a change key
  • the GRUB food selection will certainly show up
  • make use of the arrow keys to select the last alternative "memtest86"
  • press enter

You'll get a standard display screen and also it will certainly attempt analysis and also creating great deals of values to every one of your RAM. As long as there are no failings, you'll see an environment-friendly standing. If there is any kind of failing it will certainly redden. Because instance you'll require to change at the very least one stick of your RAM.

There is additionally community documentation of diagnosing hardware failures.

2019-05-10 12:00:57

I was having comparable concerns with 10.04. X would certainly hang and also as well as just a reset would certainly repair it. I upgraded my nvidia vehicle drivers to the most up to date variation and also I have not had concerns given that.

2019-05-10 11:51:56

You could get some added details when you switch over to the TTY sight. Press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get this, make use of Ctrl+Alt+F7 (or possibly F8) to return to the GUI. You can have various sessions on a lot of the F - keys yet that's various inquiry completely.

2019-05-10 09:33:26