Performance Troubleshooting on a Xen VPS

I have a Xen-based digital exclusive web server, running Ubuntu. It is running Apache, MySQL, and also Drupal.

Generally, it behaves and also rapid. Nonetheless, occasionally it reduces for no noticeable factor. Just how can I establish whether the stagnations result from source use by various other VPSes on the very same physical equipment, in contrast to stagnations as a result of points I can regulate?

2019-05-07 03:07:07
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If you can not get this details from your carrier after that you'll need to figure it out empirically.

Something similar to this, run bonnie, or a large dd in one screen, after that run vmstat or iostat in an additional, if you have unique use the equipments IO after that the numbers need to remain rather constant.

You can attempt running iostat - x on your equipment (without load) and also consider the solution time, unless you are spanking your equipment, the solution time need to remain reduced. If it begins to direct, after that there is opinion for the physical IO transmission capacity.

2019-05-09 03:10:22