Localized CAPTCHA

What work CAPTCHA remedies that can have local summary, and also CAPTCHA message itself is either language - neutral, or can be local (for Polish language)? It is to be made use of to shield a sort of call kind.

reCAPTCHA (as an example) allows i18n of the widget, yet this still makes use of English resource message that is after that equipment - converted. This makes it, I assume, tougher to address for individuals that do not recognize English in all. I believe it is also worse for the audio variation of CAPTCHA.

2019-05-13 03:48:36
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Are you restricted to clambered message CAPTCHA is or will any kind of Turing examination job?

It would certainly take even more time to implement, yet you can make use of among the several various other variants on obstacle - feedback CAPTCHA in a local setting.

My ideal referral would certainly be to make use of a message - clambering remedy like the one supplied by DisgruntledGoat with mathematics inquiries - i.e. a somewhat - wavy depiction of "1+1 =?" shows up ... yet you have great deals of various other localization - all set alternatives.

2019-05-18 10:55:25

It is not also hard to roll your very own standard CAPTCHA, or there are countless tutorials and also manuscripts out of the internet.

I've made use of a straightforward one in PHP based upon arbitrary letters/numbers, do not hesitate to take and also change for your objective:

// first generate random $string

$pa_captcha_salt = 'random stuff';
$hash = md5( $string.$pa_captcha_salt );
$filename = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/media/captcha/' . $hash . '.gif';

$font = 5; // font size
$width = ImageFontWidth($font) * strlen($string) + 4;
$height = ImageFontHeight($font) + 4;
$im = ImageCreateTrueColor($width, $height);

$textColor = ImageColorAllocate ($im, 99, 99, 99); // grey text
ImageString($im, $font, 2, 2, $string, $textColor);
ImageGif($im, $filename); // save file
2019-05-17 14:56:14