Maximizing Apache and also MySQL on Linux Xen VPS

I have a Xen digital exclusive web server (VPS) running Ubuntu 8.10, with 128M RAM.

I've located numerous "just how to maximize Apache and also MySQL for low-memory VPS" web pages using Google, yet they give inconsistent details. So I'm asking Server Fault: just how does one maximize Apache and also MySQL for a low-memory VPS arrangement?

A number of individuals have actually recommended making use of nginx as opposed to Apache. I'll check into that, yet I would certainly favor to stick to Apache when possible, simply to stay clear of needing to find out everything about setting up application heaps in addition to a strange (to me) internet server.

2019-05-07 03:07:31
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If you have memory restraints, I would certainly advise making use of nginx as a different if in all feasible. It eats a lot less memory than Apache and also relying on your demands can be all that you require.

As an incentive, nginx often tends to be dramatically faster than Apache. =)

2019-05-09 00:59:43

Ditch apache, it's process per link version will certainly not play will certainly with your reduced memory VPS.

I recommend nginx as a substitute.

2019-05-08 20:31:15

Nginx is wonderful, yet if you intend to stick to Apache, it's feasible to slim it down a fair bit from the default setups :

  • Use the employee MPM as opposed to prefork (with employee MPM Apache no more has a "process per link" version).
  • Consider all the common components you're filling, remove any kind of that you do not require.
  • Stay clear of installing application web servers inside Apache (i.e. mod_python, mod_php, etc) if you can prevent it. Rather, run application web servers in a different process and also have Apache proxy to them (i.e. for Python code usage mod_wsgi in daemon setting). In this manner your Apache strings that are merely offering fixed web content will not be needlessly puffed up.
  • In your Apache config, lower the StartServers, MaxClients, MinSpareThreads, and also MaxSpareThreads setups. Relying on your anticipated load you can occasionally lower them by a variable of 5 or even more from the default setups.
2019-05-08 12:58:26