How do you resist BladeMaster harrass/rush, very early video game?

For any one of the 4 races, just how do you position your buildings/what hero do you get/what do you construct first to properly shield on your own versus that all - aggravating BladeMaster thrill with WindWalk, very early video game?

I'm chatting no peon losses, preferably creating him to need to TP.

2019-05-13 03:48:46
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I have not played in a long period of time so bare with me:

Night Elf:

Mana Burn (Demon Hunter)
Dust+Entangling Roots+Surround/Focus Fire (KotG)
Shadow Strike will slow allowing you to attack him with units(Warden)
Build your wells in a manner that blocks your trees so melee heroes cant get in

Alternatively, placed lumber Wisps in arbitrary areas around the map as opposed to in all at your major (high-risk)

Rec: DH


Arcane Towers covering all peasants (Drains Mana)
Storm Bolt (MK)+Surround (Miltia, Footmen, Buildings)
^^His WW can run through but he won't come back out if he is weak^^
Use Water Elementals+AM Range to attack with Miltia as melee (AM)
Paladin can heal workers while they attack him

Rec: MK


Nerubian Tower to slow (allows for easier chase damage)
Use Death Knight to heal Acolytes or nuke BM if you see a kill coming
Dreadlord can sleep/surround
Lich can slow as well

Rec: DK

Also, kite Acolytes around mine, Switching Acos area when he switches over target, Bring in Ghouls to surround/attack while DK heals Kiting Acos.


Throw a few peons into burrow, definitely the ones he attacks
Build your initial Burrows so that they can cover your lumber and gold peons  
Attack with wolves + range (FS)
Throw up wards or hex/surround (SH)
Stun/attack (TC)

If you go BM you can simply strike him too for strong damages.

Rec: Whichever hero you are most comfy with

In basic, Kiting (running around/away) the peons he strikes will certainly aid lengthen there life and also bring upon even more damages to the BM for each and every employee kill. This is simply excellent around and also need to come to be 2nd behavior very early video game.

Additionally, Another really solid strategy is to respond to - bug. Making use of all-natural base defenses (Towers, Wells to recover, miltia etc) along with kiting, fend him off the best you can while bugging his base (with any luck extra succesfully) with your hero.This will certainly compel him to retreat or place you at a substantial benefit exp and also source wise.
This is mini - extensive and also need to just be tried if you are certain. Falling short to do well will certainly place you at a substantial negative aspect.

2019-05-21 00:10:02

Haven't played War3 in a little bit, yet below is some pointers.

  • Human : Use a Mountain King. Bolt him as quickly as he turns up, call the militia and also border him. This will possibly make him retreat.

  • Undead : I recommend a Death Night, given that you can make use of coil both to recover your employees and also obliterate him. Simply attempt to border him with the hero and also the evil spirits and also struck him as high as feasible. Updating a Ziggurat to a Nerubian Tower aids also.

  • Orc : Put your peons in the burrows and also he will not have much to eliminate. All heroes can place an excellent battle versus him, yet I favor a Far Seer with wolves or an additional Blademaster.

  • Fairies : Hardest race to manage this sort of harassment. Make Use Of a Demon Hunter with Mana Burn, or a Warden with Shadow Strike. Do not maintain your employees close with each other, and also attempt to place them near wells so they can recover. If you are mosting likely to shed an employee, attempt to detonate and also remove several of the adversary is mana.

In all instances, micromanaging employees to get them far from the Blademaster is necessary, as is micromanaging the devices striking the Blademaster.

2019-05-17 16:22:36