How can I programmatically transform the # of sources supplied by employees in a StarCraft 2 personalized map?

Not particular if this need to remain in the Game Dev StackExchange, yet it appears ideal below also.

Acting on another question concerning using handicaps to StarCraft, I am taking into consideration a map alteration to merely lower the variety of minerals/gas supplied by employees while harvesting. The default is 5, yet I would love to lower it for one gamer just to 4 or 3.

Just how would certainly I deal with doing this?

2019-05-13 03:51:45
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I'm just accustomed to the SC1 editor, so I'm certain there is a far better means to do this in SC2, yet one means would certainly be to set a trigger on an SCV lugging minerals right into an area (a little bigger than your command facility) that follows your command facility, and also have the trigger remove the minerals the SCV is lugging and also add some total up to that customer is complete.

A various handicapping - alternative would certainly be to instantly remove X minerals/gas from your complete every couple of secs, where X raises with time. You can additionally conditionally generate high - return minerals near your pals' bases.

2019-05-17 16:20:33

I intended to at the very least identify just how to set the # of minerals returned per journey, in contrast to readjusting the minerals you get after the reality or something. Ends up, unless there is a far better means, what I am recommending is possibly unworthy the initiative in all!

Below is my insane roundabout remedy.

  1. Replicate the Behaviors for "Minerals (Mineral Field)" and also "Minerals (High Yield)," transforming the name and also changing the (Stats - > Harvest) total up to a various value.
  2. Create a trigger with activities to remove the "Minerals (Mineral Field)" (or high return) actions from a device and also add the new actions developed in the previous action.
  3. The trigger requires to discharge from an ideal occasion, which is complicated. I picked the "Unit makes use of SCV - Gather" capacities at the Approach phase, after that execute the swap on "Triggering capacity target device" (if device does not currently have the new actions).
  4. Additionally, simply in instance, I place in a problem that the Triggering capacity target device is within a tiny distance of a structure possessed by the gamer concerned. This virtually guarantees it will just exchange things at your major base and also developments, and also not if you ideal click somebody else is mineral spots.
  5. This really feels rather kludgey and also as a designer I am sort of depressing that this was the most effective means I can locate after a hr approximately.

I additionally placed in some unique sauce like just using these adjustments to a gamer that kinds "handicap" right into the conversation, as well as additionally included code to un - swap the actions if non - handicapped gamers start collecting from it rather (as an example if he takes control of a development).

This is a number of benefit what I desired! It would possibly be better to merely remove sources from the accumulation after the "Unit makes use of capacity Return Cargo" occasion.

2019-05-17 15:46:18