How can I diagnose/debug "maximum variety of customers got to" X mistakes?

I'm striking a trouble wherein X protects against procedures from developing home windows, saying something like the adhering to right into ~/.xsession-errors:

cannot open display: :0.0
Maximum number of clients reached

Searching around there are great deals of instances of individuals encountering this trouble, and also occasionally individuals recognize which program they are running is consuming all the customer ports. See as an example LP 70872 (Firefox), LP 263211 (gnome - screensaver).

Wherefore it deserves, I run gnome - incurable, thunderbird, chromium - internet browser, compassion, gamine and also virtualbox almost all the moment, in addition to the regular things you get with the GNOME desktop computer, and also periodically a few other little bits and also items.

Nonetheless my inquiry is not "which of my programs is creating this trouble" yet instead, just how can one deal with detecting this trouble?

In the above (and also various other) pests, discussion forum records, etc, a variety of devices are recommended:

  • xlsclients - details the customer applications for the offered display screen, yet I do not assume that represents 'X customers'
  • xrestop - a leading - design X sources device, one row per X customer. Great deals of "customers, disappointed in xlsclients result
  • xwininfo -root -children checklists X window things

From what I can collect, the trouble could not be way too many customers in all, yet instead sources maintained about in the X server for customers that have long - given that separated. Yet it would certainly additionally show up that you can not (conveniently?) connect X sources back to their customer. Can one properly detect this concern once it has begun to take place, or is a laborious divide - and also - overcome strategy for the applications I run the only strategy open up to me?

Update Jan 2011 : I assume I have actually settled this concern. For the advantage of any person coming across this, nautilus and/or compiz or something because chain of software program was segfaulting as a result of a wallpaper I had. I had actually picked an XML documents as my wallpaper, which specified a revolving gallery of photos. It was hand - made, yet based upon/ usr/share/backgrounds/ contest/background - 1.xml or comparable. Disabling the wallpaper and also I have actually not had a crash given that.

I'm not noting this as addressed yet, given that the real details trouble was not my inquiry, yet just how to detect it was. However this was primarily test - and also - mistake which draws.

2019-05-13 03:52:57
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Chromium/Chrome has some well-known concerns which cause this mistake message. Do you make use of the Lastpass expansion?


2019-05-19 23:12:34