Installing server on in need of support Areca RAID Controller

I simply obtained a new server that has an all new Areca 1880 Raid controller which the constructed in arcmsr component does not sustain. Areca has actually upgraded component resource code readily available on the cd that featured the controller and also their internet site. Utilizing this I had the ability to install Ubuntu Server on the hardware by utilizing my laptop computer to construct the bit component and also filling it off a USB stick.

I after that constructed the vehicle driver for the server bit and also upgraded initrd yet when I reboot it does not also resemble Grub is obtaining filled. The only point the system does is present a "_" in the upper left of the screen. I think I'm seeing a Grub concern yet incorporated with the RAID controller/module concerns I'm not 100% favorable on that particular. Does any person recognize of any kind of constraints with Areca controllers and also Grub?

One unusual difficulty that I stumbled upon is that the server install cd makes use of the desktop computer bit as opposed to the server bit so you require to construct the component two times.

2019-05-13 03:54:44
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Looks like the only need is that the quantity that Grub is mounted on is much less than 2TB. In my instance it resembles Grub simply really did not install effectively and also re-installing grub ironed out my concerns.

Nonetheless I've currently recorded my procedure for installing Ubuntu Server on an unsupported raid controller. With any luck this aids a person.

2019-05-13 16:33:20