What is the most effective means to do unit testing for ASP.NET 2.0 website?

Any kind of pointers? Making use of visual studio in C#.

Exist any kind of details devices to make use of or approaches to approach this?

Update :

Sorry, I need to have been a little bit extra details. I am making use of ASP.Net 2.0 and also was looking extra for a device like jUnit for Java. I had a look at NUnit and also NUnitAsp which looks really encouraging. And also I really did not also recognize that Visual Studio Pro has a testing collection, so I'll consider every one of these alternatives (I've simply begun making use of Visual Studio/Asp. net/C # this summer season).

2019-05-13 03:57:03
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Boy, that is a rather basic inquiry. I'll do my ideal, yet be prepared to see me miss out on by a mile.


  1. You are making use of ASP.NET, not simple ASP
  2. You do not actually intend to examine your website, yet the reasoning behind them. Unit testing the actual.ASPX web pages is instead excruciating, yet there are structures around to do it. NUnitAsp is one.

The first point to do is to arrange (or strategy) your code to make sure that it can be examined. Both most preferred layout patterns for this at the time appear to be MVP and also MVC. Both different the reasoning of the application far from the sight to make sure that you can examine the reasoning without the sight (website) entering your means.

Either MVP or MVC will certainly work. MVC has the benefit of having a Microsoft structure almost ready to go.

As soon as you've picked a structure pattern that urges testability, you require to make use of a unit testing device. NUnit is an excellent beginning factor. Visual Studio Professional has a testing suite built it, yet NUnit+TestDrive.NET additionally operates in the IDE.

That is type of a shotgun blast of details. I wish some if it strikes. The Pragmatic Bookshelf has a good book covering the topic.

2019-05-17 15:01:03

There was a screencast collection a year approximately earlier on Polymorphic Podcast that did a respectable introductory walkthrough of an MVP execution in ASP.NET. Applied in this manner, device examinations form far more normally.


2019-05-17 06:09:54