How do I write IDN domains?

Just how do I write a IDN domain with IDN codes?

E.g. mjö with IDN codes? (mjölk is milk in swedish)

And exists any kind of checklist of readily available IDN codes and also letters? E.g. all feasible

2019-05-13 03:59:47
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What you are seeking is called Punycode. You can do virtually any kind of Unicode personality with it, I think.

Verisign have a great conversion tool here.

In your circumstance, mjö converts to - is the domain name you'll require to register and also the DNS access you'll require to create if you desire that IDN.

(You can attempt this in your internet browser. In both my FF and also IE, http :// mjö reroutes you to

2019-05-17 04:08:43