What is an excellent desktop computer search device?

Beagle was my fave. Yet it is not kept any longer, afaik. And also it does not function sensibly ; it quits working automatically and also does not return any kind of outcome. Just how can I remedy this trouble and also if it is not feasible what choices are readily available? Thanks.

2019-05-13 04:02:23
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Have you taken into consideration making use of Tracker? It seems the substitute of Beagle in the Ubuntu Desktop and also has actually been incorporated with the majority of applications in Ubuntu. sudo apt-get install tracker tracker-search-tool

2019-05-13 16:31:21

One device I can advise is tracker. If you install the software program, it is begun instantly when you visit. It updates its index as a history procedure. If you intend to look some thing, there are various opportunities:

  1. Nautilus : Press Ctrl+f. A home windows opens up where you can enter your search term.
  2. GNOME applet : The deskbar applet permits you to enter a search term and also reveals a listing of located points.
  3. Catfish : is a application which can chat with various search programs.
  4. Console : enter tracker search foobar and also tracker will certainly start its search. Type tracker for a complete checklist of readily available commands.
2019-05-13 14:07:25