Is Google Sitesearch far better than inner search?

In regards to SEO exists any kind of advantage concerning making use of Google SiteSearch over inner search (eg. Wordpress' very own internet search engine)?

2019-05-13 04:03:31
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Not straight. They both will certainly locate your web content (although Wordpress will certainly locate it much faster given that it finds out about the web content quickly whereas Google needs to locate it and also index it first) and also present it to your customers. And also neither influence your positions given that neither influence your web content.

The only feasible benefit I see from making use of Google SiteSearch is it compels Google to creep your website extra regularly and also deeply as they require to see to it they find out about every one of your web content in order to supply valuable search results. Clearly doing this for website search suggests they can make use of the very same details in their major search results which is a good idea.

2019-05-17 15:32:12

Google inner search will certainly function wonderful if 100% of your web pages are indexed by Google. If for one reason or another you have web pages that are not indexed appropriately it will generally be far better to make use of the wordpress very own internet search engine.

2019-05-17 15:26:30

I simply make use of both with this personalized enhancement to the motif is search.php documents:

<div id="googleResults">
    <h2>Google Search</h2>
    <iframe id="gcs" src="<?php
        $url_iframe .= '';
        $url_iframe .= 'title=Search_Results&';
        $url_iframe .= 'cx=' . $google_code_cx . '&';
        $url_iframe .= 'cof=' . $google_code_cof;
        $url_iframe .= 'q=' . urlencode( get_search_query() ) . '&';
        $url_iframe .= 'sa=Search&';
        $url_iframe .= 'siteurl=' . urlencode($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] ) . '&';
        $url_iframe .= 'ad=w9&num=10';
        echo htmlspecialchars( $url_iframe );

... add some CSS designing and also some show/hide capability with Javascript and also your site visitors get all the search they require (and afterwards some).

2019-05-17 15:15:25