How can I email an add-on from the command line

Is it feasible to email add-ons from the command line?

When possible, I would certainly such as something as straightforward as:

mail -a myfile.txt -t [email protected] -s "Here's my file"
2019-05-13 04:05:25
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Of all the mail customer representatives in the Ubuntu database, it shows up that mutt is the command - line MUA that is honored with Long Term Support.

According to the manual, you can do something specifically like:

mutt -a myfile.txt -s "Here's my file" -- [email protected]

other than it will not go anywhere given that one additionally requires a Mail Transfer Agent. Popular ones are:

  • the age-old sendmail
  • postfix
  • exim4
  • qmail
  • nullmailer

and also the just one that Canonical appears to sustain are postfix (many thanks for the improvement Steve) and also exim4.

One can additionally claim that xdg-email is additionally a correct Ubuntu MUA, yet it is a bare - bones front end which just implements your recommended MUA in your place.

If you would certainly such as suggestions on which MTA could be ideal for your usage, probably open an additional inquiry below.

2019-05-17 15:50:34