How can I set a launcher to start an application in a details desktop computer

I've obtained a number of desktop computers set up for details objectives. I 'd actually such as to be able to inform an application what desktop computer it need to release in.

I can not locate any kind of alternatives for that, exists any kind of means to do it?

2019-05-13 04:08:22
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In Kubuntu, you can transform your Activity and also have a various one for each and every desktop computer. If you make use of folder sight after that you can have a various folder for each and every desktop computer and also because folder you can make a link that would just show up for that folder sight. It can be actually perplexing for most individuals, yet I've done it with a various wallpaper and also a various folder sight on for 4 various desktop computers.

Below is just how I would certainly do it: Right click the Desktop, pick Activities. Click the Desktop in the bow near the bottom and also pick new task. You pick folder sight and also set the area as a various folder from in your house directory site. You can create folders like Desktop1, Desktop2, etc Then drag whatever documents or applications that you intend to the desktop computer and also pick Link Here.

2019-06-01 08:29:54