Just how need to I update debian/xen equipments from etch to lenny

I take care of a web server that presently runs Debian/Etch, and also Xen 3.0. Each digital equipment is additionally running Debian/Etch.

Lenny is the next release of Debian, and also consists of Xen 3.2. However, I think there is no automated upgrade course (using dist-upgrade) in between Xen 3.0 and also Xen 3.2. (Xen 3.0 is detailed as an out-of-date plan in the lenny release keeps in mind).

What actions should I comply with to wind up with the web server running lenny/xen3.2 and also the digital equipments running lenny?

2019-05-07 07:36:48
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I have actually executed the very same upgrade, and also have actually taken some notes :

Start with the visitors :

  • dist-upgrade
  • Install plans. Some manuscripts I made use of had actually gotten rid of udev, so needed to re-install it.

    capacity install udev linux - components - 2.6 - xen - amd64

  • Add the complying with to/ etc/inittab, or else you shed your xm console alternative (Then no ssh suggests no accessibility without hand-operated place & change)

    0 :2345 :respawn :/ sbin/getty 38400hvc0

I shut down visitors at this phase, till dom0 reboot. This might not appropriate for all, yet I do to be on the secure side.

Proceed with host :

  • dist - upgrade
  • Have all pertinent plans mounted, see to it xen plan variations are all 3.2

    capacity install xen - utils bridge - utils xen - hypervisor linux - photo - xen - amd64 linux - components - xen - amd64

  • Check grub menu.lst

  • Check domU configs and also upgrade them with new bit
  • Reboot
2019-12-04 06:33:32

I locate transforming Xen plans on the fly exceptionally high-risk. Given that this is virtualization, you need to construct a new lenny Xen 3.2 web server (or possibly 3.3 or 3.4 from resource given that it is out), do a movement examination with a duplicate of your real domain names and afterwards upgrade your real web server to see if it functions. This permits you to be on the secure side of points and also stay clear of a possible web server crash/reinstallation/downtime.

I have had numerous disappointments so I often tend to attempt to stay clear of these updates unless actually essential.

2019-12-03 04:36:08

I had the ability to move a Debian Etch/Xen 3.0 web server to Lenny/Xen 3.2 making use of dist - upgrade. All proper - get did was download and install the ideal plans and also install them. After seeing to it the grub config is proper and also will certainly be starting 3.2 every one of my paravirtual equipments started up. Every one of the PV equipments are Gentoo so I can not talk about the customer upgrade for Debian yet it should not be that hard. I did have some concerns with an HVM equipment and also needed to restore it.

2019-05-08 12:37:43