What are some excellent methods for obtaining the "outmatched" achievements?

What are some excellent methods, race and also map selections for obtaining the outmatched achievements? I'm mostly speaking about those versus 3 or even more hard/very tough AI's, given that defeating such a huge pressure appears virtually difficult. I assume that an excellent race and also map selection can suffice.

Any kind of pointers?

2019-05-13 04:10:19
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I recommend checking into the very same methods as the one for obtaining the orlan success:

Are there any handy tricks for ousting insane AI opponents?

go turtle someplace secure, like a map with islands. you can the select them off individually with service providers?

2019-05-17 16:47:55

I do not recognize if this is still feasible in SC2 due to the fact that I'm still resolving the project *, yet in SC1 there were a great deal of mini maps where it was feasible to defeat the hardest AI 7v1 with any one of the races (although Zerg was VERY challenging due to the fact that they could not turtle prior to the first hurries as a result of needing to await creep to spread out.

The approach was to simply turtle, after that either construct a frustrating flying force, or when it comes to Terrans construct siege containers to eliminate your prompt next-door neighbors and afterwards simply expand from there. As soon as you had a keystone you can construct out device generating frameworks and also at some point eliminate the AIs individually.

It was usually hit-or-miss though - occasionally as Protoss a Terran AI would certainly get siege containers and also it would certainly be difficult to hold them off enough time to get a counter. As Terrans you could get struck by stealth devices that can strike your blockading supply depots from out of array of your turrets, or you could encounter siege containers or mutalisks that can bewilder you.

*hi there, I function and also have a family members, what can I do:)

2019-05-17 16:42:59

For every outmatched success, I did the specific very same point:

  1. Only do the Insane suits (The VHard Hard and also Medium Achievements come with the Insane one)

  2. Play on Megatron, it supplies a wonderful base that you can strike every adversary from one main placement, which leads me to.

  3. Play Protos v Terran. Do a typical Cannon Rush : Rush among your first probes to the facility of their 4 base location.

    Construct a couple of probes while the rush remains in transportation. As quickly as he his his area you need to have adequate minerals to construct your first pylon.

    The key is to construct it much sufficient from all bases to not seen when positioning. It can not be seen when its originally positioned, or they will certainly send SCV goes to you. If they see it while its structure, thats immaterial. They simply can not see the first warp.

  4. Await the Pylon to finish, after that toss down a build. Await the build, after that start positioning Photon Cannons at the border of your single pylon is power array.

  5. Rinse and also repeat. Simply maintain positioning cannons and also pylons to expand as required. At some point they will certainly give up as you've harmed their video game way too much.


If you do not harm them sufficient with the first couple of cannons, they will certainly ramp right into Mech and also you will certainly shed.

If they see you position the build or the pylon, they will certainly mass strike with SCV is and also you shed.

Adhere to those actions and also you will certainly get on your means to Outmatched Crusher

2019-05-17 16:37:49