How to install program so it comes from command line no matter area?

I intend to have the ability to type some executable from the command line in windows and also have it run, no matter if I remain in the folder where the documents lies.

Just how do I set it up or install it to make sure that I can simply type someProgram and also have it run no matter my folder area?

2019-05-13 04:14:07
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This is, in every usual os, the objective of the PATH - variable.

If you are bound to windows, there is a far better means to do it instance you intend to make use of that thoroughly : I made use of to have it set up for A LOT of programs, so I can start my programs by Win - R (like Start - > Run or on the command line), key in a couple of letters of the executable name, capitalize on the MRU - List and also start the application.

The downside of including all courses of those executable to the course is that it reduces the command implementation : Everytime you call a program, all courses need to be checked. Consequently, the PATH variable need to just be made use of for directory sites which contain numerous executables, like a "bin" or "tools" directory site.

The far better means is to create a correct access in the computer system registry, several program installers do that by themself, BTW.

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\

is the area to go. You will certainly currently see a great deal of access. AFAIK, this would certainly additionally permit to have 2 various commands beginning the very same program, yet in various functioning directory sites, or various buildings.

However, I have actually not yet located any kind of details from Microsoft/MSDN concerning the parameters one can locate, like RunAsOnNonAdminInstall or BlockOnTSNonInstallMode. We can just guess on that particular.

This will certainly additionally permit you to "rename" the program without in fact relabeling the executable documents (which can get you in problem if you upgrade it or if it becomes part of a bigger collection) and also move efficiently if you switch over to an additional favorite application for a particular job. I had vlc and also IrfanView start when I keyed in "wmplayer" and also "ACDsee32" as necessary out of habbit/mistake.

EDIT For reference there is this Microsoft doc concerning application enrollment.

2019-12-01 23:38:36

You would certainly add the course to that program is directory site to your PATH setting variable.

2019-05-17 17:26:17

Open your system buildings (Right click My Computer - > buildings) Click the Advanced Tab and also the envirnment variables switch. Seek Path in the System variables area. After that Either place your program in among the directory sites detailed because course, or add the install directory site to the checklist. The last is possibly the far better alternative

2019-05-17 17:25:01

You require to have your PATH setting variable set. You can locate this in the Control Panel under the System symbol, in the "Advanced" tab. Click the "Environment Variable" switch. A 2nd dialog shows up with 2 areas. The leading one reveals variables that specify to you, the lower one, to the whole system. If you desire it to simply influence you, placed the adjustment there, else placed it in all-time low.

2019-05-17 17:22:07