How should I repair missing sound?

I'm still at the "identify what the trouble also is " phase of troubleshooting.

The signs and symptom : Amarok is missing every couple of mins in an up - to - day installment of Ubuntu 10.10.

What I've examined until now:

  • Movie Player (Totem) does not miss when playing the very same documents.
  • The skips do not associate with raised CPU, memory, disk, or network use.
  • amarok --debug does not result anything when a miss takes place.

Where should one aim to repair missing sound?

2019-05-13 04:16:23
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Answers: 2

Since Totem functions, it is likely as a result of the various codec engines in operation. Symbol and also GNOME as a whole usage gstreamer. Amarok and also KDE as a whole usage phonon, which subsequently makes use of the xine codec engine by default in Ubuntu, though it can additionally make use of gstreamer.

See Amarok is wiki page about phonon.

It seems like points might benefit you if you install phonon-backend-gstreamer and also button to it by default (configure using Settings - - > Configure Amarok - - > Playback - - > Sound System Configuration - - > Backend). I'm not exactly sure that will not fall back audio playback in new means though.

2019-05-21 02:48:27

I'm thinking you currently attempted adjusting your wires, and also various audio speakers (earphones)

  1. Try a various gamer. If that solutions it, attempt re-installing Amarok. If that does not function, attempt running CPU display or top to see if your equipment is doing something every couple of mins.

  2. If it is a trouble with numerous gamers, you can attempt escaping the real-time CD.

2019-05-13 17:58:20