Medibuntu vs Fluendo

Can a person define the distinction in between the codecs in the Medibuntu Repository versus acquiring the Fluendo codecs?

Are they the very same? Does one have far better top quality etc?

My Dell Mini initially featured Fluendo mounted, yet I have actually given that updated numerous times and also simply made use of Medibuntu - yet I am asking yourself if I am missing out on something.

2019-05-13 04:18:56
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Fluendo multimedia codecs exists as business items as a result of software program licenses (needed for translating mpeg, mp3, etc) and also foolish - DRM elimination regulations (ie components of DMCA, Digital Economy and also ACTA) that stop you getting rid of the CSS DRM on DVDs. The Medibuntu versions are still free software program as they are not infringing any kind of copyright (to my expertise anyhow).

Whether you legitimately require it or otherwise boils down to where you live honouring software program licenses or the DMCA - design DRM - fracturing regulations.

Pertaining to top quality : the codebase for each and every execution is various so there is extent for one execution being far better than an additional. The only examination I've actually seen is ffmpeg vs Google is very own execution, where ffmpeg trounces Google.

Dell plays it secure. They desire leading market an item worldwide that they can market as having the ability to play DVDs. That suggests they need to comply with neighborhood regulations which most certainly suggests they'll require to accredit the software program in some areas. I anticipate it is less complicated (and also consequently less costly) for them to simply bulk - certificate from Fluendo.

2019-05-17 17:37:34