What devices can I Airplay to?

With AirPlay will I have the ability to stream to apple iphone, iPod Touch, and/or iTunes, or is it just to Apple TELEVISION and also 3rd event audio speakers?

2019-05-13 04:19:27
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Looks like Banana TV is a presently delivering Mac application (not simply an evidence - of - principle) that will certainly play Airplay video clip or photos from your iPhone/iPad.

(TUAW review)

2019-12-03 00:50:34


Airplay is actually a modern technology system that permits streaming media on a neighborhood network. It isn't worried about the sort of tool that is generating the media or eating it.

To begin with, assistance might be restricted and also might not originate from Apple. Nonetheless, absolutely that will certainly transform with need. As an example:

  • There is an iOS application called AirPlayer which permits streaming of media to an iPhone/iPod/iPad.
  • There is a Mac evidence - of - principle application additionally called AirPlayer which permits streaming of media to a Mac.
2019-05-18 04:00:50