How do I transform the default area for a users home directory in Vista?

I would love to relocate the default area of my c :\ Users \ USERNAME to an additional drive. What is the most convenient means to do this and also just how?

I recognize that I can relocate each of my "Special Folders" like Documents, Pictures, etc yet that does not include the AppData folder. Additionally, several programs and also installers inaccurately placed things in C :\ Users \ USERNAME \ Documents etc also after I relocated Documents to an additional drive and also I wind up with replicate folders.

2019-05-13 04:20:47
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I have actually been informed you can to this by :
1) Open 2 Windows traveler windows (one to the new drive, one to c :\ USERS)
2) create new folder to store details on the new drive
3) appropriate click and also drag the USERNAME folder to the new folder. When the appropriate click food selection turns up, click "Move".

To see if it functioned click start, records after that click void in the address bar to see if it claims NewDrive: \ NewFolder \ USERNAME \ Documents

2019-05-17 17:32:09

For specific folders (My Docyuments, My Pictures, etc, the "Special Folders") I do the registry/GPO point you mentioned. Nonetheless, if I intend to relocate the whole folder framework I rip off. Relocate the folder to a new area, and afterwards create a junction aiming the old folder to the new folder. So all your programs will certainly still assume the folder is c:\users\username yet that is simply a joint indicate d:\users\username.

2019-05-17 17:00:06

I've invested a long period of time investigating this and also ultimately took care of to do it on my very own equipment.

There are 2 circumstances below : a new install, and also an equipment that is currently installed/used.

For a new install, you can (evidently) change the autounattend.xml documents (unresearched link here, no warranties, I have not attempted)

For an equipment that is currently mounted, there are 2 troubles to get over:

  1. Windows 'securing' some documents, so you can not replicate them (ntuser.dat)
  2. Changing where windows mosts likely to seek the accounts on start-up.

For trouble 1, you can either go the round concerning course:

  • duplicate Default and also Public folders to the new area
  • change their area in computer system registry
  • create a new customer (which will certainly be developed in the new area)
  • login with new customer account and also replicate the various other users
  • great deals of information on this here

Or you can boot from a Recovery disk and also duplicate things throughout.

For trouble 2, you can either do a locate and also change almost everywhere in the computer system registry (high-risk), or create a symlink/junction from the default area to the new area.

The locate and also change remedy is additionally described on the previously linked page, yet it ends up that you still need to create the symlink, or else Windows Update has problems.

WHATEVER you pick to do, you will certainly require to get accustomed to symlinks/junctions. Great deals of talk about Josh's blog reference ROBOCOPY, which you can not make use of to replicate Junctions. If you do not recreate them, you will not see quickly as the majority of (otherwise all) have the surprise feature anyhow, yet you might experience reverse compatibility troubles with non - Vista applications.

This blog post gives a little bit extra (way too much) information concerning this concern, plus a manuscript to aid recreating the symlinks/junctions.

Another blog, an additional strategy.

2019-05-17 02:59:32