Windows : Can I map a network drive for a solution account?

The title claims all of it, actually.

Is it feasible to create a network drive mapping that shows up to a solution? Intending the solution runs under a domain name account that has permissions to the share, certainly.

2019-05-13 04:22:57
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Persistant drive mappings are just recovered throughout an interactive login, which the solution does not make use of. I think the only means to get a solution to make use of a network drive is for that solution to map the drive itself or conversely for it to us a UNC course as opposed to a mapped drive.

2019-05-17 17:18:40

Why not? My job does this regularly, although I believe that your customer accounts are possibly a little bit extra limiting than ours, i.e. you are speaking about accounts that do not log right into a desktop computer session.

Yet ... if you do permit the account to visit as a desktop computer session ...

Create the account like you would certainly any kind of various other customer, and also give a logon script like you would certainly any kind of various other customer - yet it is one that is especially customized to that account. Set the machine to auto-logon when powered up, which subsequently will certainly run the script, where the drives are mapped. Simple.

If you are embeded a scenario where it can not, you'll still require a desktop computer session to do this - so create a straightforward solution account that is different from the others, one that has the single job of logging right into a web server and also giving drive accessibility. Lock down that account to simply the drive accessibility for protection. Your various other accounts have their very own privs and also are not connected in this fashion. Ideal of both globes.

Connected to some remarks listed below, this is being done from a viewpoint of a Windows XP or 2003 arrangement. Points have actually transformed a little bit ever since, most individuals are running Win7 and also 2008, both having more recent attributes. The initial inquiry really did not define what setting was being made use of, so I can just address for the one I know with.

Additionally, the whole demand - a - GUI point is actually an artefact of just how Windows was marketed and also marketed, circa 1990 is . As a result of this, it has actually taken a long period of time, virtually a years, for Microsoft ahead round and also create ample devices for sustaining brainless settings (witness PowerShell and also 2008 without a GUI). An usual occurance at the time was to merely acquire an additional equipment, log it in, run the solution, and also stick package behind-the-scenes. As an outcome of this way of thinking of the moment, it had not been unusual for out - of - control web server development to take place in back areas, and also as a side - result, the demand for even more licensing and also seats to be acquired . For many years, this "natural development method" of mounting an increasing number of web servers was stopped as device price, power demands, virtualization, and also spending plan - reducing took their toll. Today, it is just a discolored memory and also you actually can not locate individuals that bear in mind "the negative old days".

If there is a far better remedy existing for older systems like mine (XP/2003), I would certainly such as to recognize, it would absolutely be beneficial details.

P.S. prior to you lot on unnecessary taunting for running one decade old software program, remember (a) I do not make every one of the choices below (b) I do not authorize the checks to hand over for new technology (c) the ERP application at my job could not accurately work on Windows 7 without making use of the "XP emulation" (i.e. rebadged Virtual COMPUTER) expansion, and also ultimately (d) my job is really set you back - delicate, so tossing every little thing out and also obtaining "new and also glossy" does not make a great deal of feeling regularly.

2019-05-17 16:06:36