Ubuntu inside VirtualBox is slow-moving

I am running an Ubuntu instance on VirtualBox inside XP. Below are the information:

Host: Windows XP Pro
Guest: Ubuntu 8.10
Total RAM: 3GB
Total Video Memory: 128MB
Video Memory for VM: 40MB
Hard Drive: 200GB
Hard Drive for VM: 30GB
Processor: 2.80GHz Core Duo

The trouble is that whenever I am inside the digital equipment, points appear a lot slower as a whole. As an example Firefox, Eclipse take longer to load, dragging windows show a lag etc

I have actually attempted running Ubuntu prior to (not inside a VM) and also it appeared wonderfully quickly. So I am let down to need to manage this scenario. Yet I require accessibility to the XP dividing without needing to reboot and also therefore the effort.

I am stunned with the regarded sluggishness given that the entire globe appears to be doing virtualization and also I can not visualize every person works with slow-moving systems purposefully.

My inquiry is - exists something I should be doing to enhance performance? Am I doing glitch?

This is my residence equipment and also I am not exactly sure if this is the appropriate discussion forum to ask. Many thanks.

2019-05-13 04:23:53
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I had this trouble also. I invested several hrs having fun with my xorg.conf. It shows up to me that for my equipment anyhow (Lenovo T60, ati video clip card), I can not make use of Mouse Integration or the vbvideo vehicle driver if I intend to see practical efficiency. Attempt utilizing your regular video clip vehicle driver rather. An additional aggravation I have is that I can not do that cool dynamic window resize point.

2019-05-21 15:43:30

If this "... But I require accessibility to the XP dividing without needing to reboot and also therefore the effort ..." is your REAL trouble, after that you can place ntfs partions straight from Ubuntu (linux) without trouble. A fast google for "ubuntu ntfs" will certainly offer even more information

2019-05-21 11:32:42

Have you mounted Additions? They make fairly a distinction.

Here's how.

2019-05-18 00:54:33

There are a number of points you can do.

  • Lower the memory you provide to the VM to fifty percent your complete system memory or much less. If the host does not have adequate memory to run efficiently, it will certainly influence the visitor. Commonly Windows requires even more memory and also Linux requires much less.
  • Enable VT expansions in the VBox setups. This makes use of equipment assistance constructed right into your CPU if you have it readily available.
  • Switch off desktop computer results like Compiz in the VM visitor. VBox 2.2.2 has assistance for 3D velocity in VMs, yet 3D still reduces points down a little.

I wish this aids.

EDIT : Another point you can do is run leading in a terminal window in the VM and also see if there is a certain procedure consuming the CPU or memory.
Does Windows get reduced when you have concerns with the VM?

2019-05-17 16:40:47

I stumbled upon a note someplace concerning maintaining the video clip memory appointed to a VM as a binary power for ideal efficiency. Attempt going down to 32MB or bumping approximately 64MB for your VM.

2019-05-17 13:57:35