Why will not my iPod Touch play in Bose SoundDock audio speakers any longer?

I have actually possessed and also appreciated the Bose SoundDock speakers for a variety of years ; throughout this moment it has actually functioned wonderful with my iPod Mini, Video iPod, and also iPod Touch. The audio speakers have an iPod dock that you seat the iPod in and also the sound is played via the audio speaker.

These audio speakers precede the iPod Touch by years and also will not reenergize the iPod Touch when connected in. That is great, I state it due to the fact that whenever I connect in the iPod Touch right into the audio speakers the iPod Touch reveals a message that reenergizing isn't sustained.

Lately, when I dock my iPod Touch in the audio speakers the caution that it can not reenergize shows up, yet no sound is played via the audio speakers. Rather, the iPod Touch is existing audio speakers play the songs. Connecting in my Video iPod still functions as anticipated - the sound appears of the Bose audio speakers.

I've attempted undocking and also redocking, shaking it as soon as anchored, and more, yet I am incapable to get the iPod Touch to play via the Bose audio speakers. Any kind of suggestion what is taking place below? This is irritating given that I make use of these audio speakers on a regular basis ...

EDIT : Some more explanations. My iPod Touch is a 2nd - gen iPod Touch (if that issues). It is, and also has for time, running software program variation 4.1. I have not attempted upgrading to 4.2 or recovering the iPod is initial setups. Additionally, the audio speakers remain to collaborate with my iPod Video, so I'm rather particular the trouble exists someplace with the iPod Touch and also not the audio speakers themselves.

2019-05-13 04:28:15
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Since it's almost difficult to detect a trouble similar to this without physical accessibility to the iPod and also the SoundDock, I'm mosting likely to offer you a couple of suggestions of what I would certainly attempt to do:

  • If you have accessibility to an additional iPod, attempt that certainly, if that jobs, we've located a trouble with your certain iPod.
  • If you have accessibility to an additional SoundDock well, place your iPod in those and also see if the trouble hinges on your SoundDock.
  • Given that the last 2 were 2 noticeable (and also you possibly thought of them), allow me inform you that you can most likely to an Apple Store with both tools and also attempt the above mixes there. I'm certain that you will certainly locate an additional SoundDock in an Apple Store to attempt your iPod which they additionally have iPods so you can attempt your Sound Dock. It does not injured to ask.
  • Regardless, the continuing to be noticeable choice is to recover the iPod, either to manufacturing facility setups (and also later on making use of a back-up) or to recover a back-up (so you do not shed every little thing).
  • The last suggestion, is to attempt 4.2, yet that need to be the last action. You do not desire 4.2 to present new "obscure" troubles in addition to your old trouble.

Regretfully, there isn't much else we can do from below. The can not bill or inappropriate tool message is "alright" a lot of the moment (I had that trouble also with an auto adapter), yet it functioned anyhow.

I'm sorry I can not think of a far better suggestion.

Simply had this very same trouble ... I repaired it by splashing a Contact Cleaner on my Ipod/ITouch. and also it functions after ... occasionally, Dust or Dirt will certainly create negative link in between the Unit and also the Sound Dock Port *

2019-05-16 22:06:21