What are some excellent opening approaches for Robo Defense?

I have actually been playing Robo Defence a whole lot recently yet I can not actually get past degree 2 due to the fact that I have not yet located an opening approach which would certainly function properly. Can you advise any kind of excellent opening approaches?

2019-05-13 04:28:25
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W    R
W R  S
W G  R
S G  G R A
W    G R A

(F* upgrade once the second column is done typically, and add a second set of RSR/AAs same position)
2019-05-21 00:35:45

Long Paths

Instead of running straight in the direction of the exit have them run to and fro in between your weapons. This suggests that in the starting you need to prefer "several weapons" over "excellent weapons" till you contend the very least some parcour for them to go across.


Check the series of your cannons. Those that incorporate the biggest location on your path need to receive the first and also one of the most upgrades.

Yet do not concentrate on simply one such strength. Contend the very least 2 with enough range to make sure that device which slide via the first by relocating the darkness of bigger devices can be resolved later on in their trip.

Excellent Combinations

Cannons with dash or location damages need to be positioned where several adversaries will certainly go to with each other. This suggests either at the starting where the herd is still huge or at areas where devices are reduced and also hence more detailed with each other.

Anti Air

Always take into consideration that you require some anti air protection later. Do not rely upon a solid frontline. It is far better to have them under attack the entire means.

2019-05-17 18:10:15

I placed the first weapon towers straight, divided to the maximum range where every adversary can be struck in all factors. As the video game takes place, I transform this right into a course that weaves to and fro throughout the map. The more you make them take a trip the even more damages you can do to them. Utilizing in this manner I've reached round 100 on degree 9.

Additionally, placed in great deals of updated rocket launchers and also updated freeze towers.

2019-05-17 18:09:26

my standard approach is 2 or 3 weapons (heaven ones) that compel the adversary up. After that add a rocket or 2 up. Make use of extra weapons to compel them pull back to the center, and afterwards placed some rockets between to respond to the ultimate air ones, after that I'll toss a slow-moving one behind the rockets to aid them out.

so ... allow is see if this functions ... W = wall surface, S = Start, G = Gun, R = Rocket, S = Slow

W    G
W R  G
W G  R
WG   R
2019-05-17 18:04:43