What is Griefing?

I previously asked what is Smurfing and also obtained a description that it was a part of griefing. So currently this asks the inquiry

What is griefing? Is Griefing actually the significant category of harassment to be made use of in all of pc gaming? I assumed it got going in Second Life yet it appears to have actually come to be a majority of the vocabulary made use of to define all various other kinds of 'pc gaming douchebaggery'.

2019-05-13 04:29:09
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Griefing is most definitely not a term that came from Second Life. It is a kind of trolling.

Wikipedia defines a griefer as

a gamer in a multiplayer computer game that deliberately aggravates and also bugs various other gamers.

One of the most usual kind of griefing is manipulating particular video game technicians to interfere with various other gamers in your group, like group - murder or obstructing various other gamers. It can additionally be a person that bugs various other gamers, vocally or otherwise.

2019-05-17 18:21:24

Griefing is the calculated, unplanned and also repetitive harassment of various other gamers - with usually little real advantage to one is very own personality.

It is basically a "play design" where the gamer acquires contentment from the pain he creates others rather from the success given by the video game itself.

This stands in comparison to unintended negative actions arising from lack of experience as well as additionally in comparison to harassment of details gamers as can be component of an individual fight.

Some instances:

  • Repeated murder of dramatically much less innovative personalities
  • Denying various other gamers accessibility to vital sources by robbery them aways quickly after they re-emerge.
  • Refuting much less innovative gamers experience by out harming them and also asserting the eliminates on your own
  • Stealing the fruits of various other gamer is labor by robbery their slaughtered beasts prior to they navigate to it
  • Convincing much less seasoned gamers to do points that will certainly damage their progression.
  • Educating beasts to locations inhabited by gamer that can not safeguard themself from them.

Like Mechko claimed : Bullying in the pc gaming globe ...

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